Reporting in SAP Analytics Cloud at ITW Welding

Headquarters Altleiningen
Solution SAP Analytics Cloud
Employees 200
Turnover 58 M.

ITW Welding was using Excel to create their financial reports every week. This task was cumbersome and prone to errors. They wanted to automate this process and report directly on their newly implemented SAP S/4HANA ERP system.

To facilitate their needs, ITW Welding chose SAP Analytics Cloud to use for their financial reporting. This was chosen since it is a future proof cloud based tool that connects natively to SAP S/4HANA. The goal was to automate the dataloads and reduce the manual labor needed in creating these reports. Every week the reports can be produced by simply changing a filter, instead of manually creating a report in Excel. In the future, ITW Welding might use SAP Analytics Cloud to further report on their financials other than sales information.

Mirjam van der Wende, Controller, ITW Welding: “This is the first time we have one sales report for whole Europe, which is updated every day, involves shipments, open orders and incoming order information and can be adapted in a very easy way”.


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