Smooth reporting and consolidation at De Heus

Headquarters Ede
Solution SAP BPC
Employees 5.937
Turnover € 3.1 billion

The successful family business De Heus is participating in the world top of the animal feed industry. They use SAP BPC for the reporting and consolidation process. Due to various improvements, there is more time now for monitoring and analyzing the figures.

All data from a single source

De Heus is a successful family business in the field of animal feed. The company has experienced strong growth in recent years and is developing its activities worldwide. De Heus has been using SAP BPC for management information and statutory annual accounts. At De Heus, there was a desire to spend less time reporting and spending more time on the content and thereby also increasing the application of SAP BPC. For this it was necessary to change the reporting process. The result is one source that is filled better and with more information, from which all necessary data is analyzed. De Heus asked CPMview to support them in this process.

SAP BPC as a well-oiled machine

In order to have the reporting process in SAP BPC as a well-oiled machine, more licenses were first purchased. The expansion of the number of licenses enables De Heus’s participations to carry out their reports entirely independently. The next step was to move to version 10.1, the most recent Microsoft version of SAP BPC. This version offers more possibilities in monitoring what has been reported by means of a dashboard that indicates the result of validations for consistency in reports. For example, for the central team it is immediately visible where participations are in their reporting process and where possible incorrect reporting is required. 10.1 also works better together with Office 365 from Microsoft. De Heus makes extensive use of graphical presentations (EBITA bridges, for example) of results, and this combination is ideal for this.

More time for analysis

To make reporting as efficient as possible, a lot of time and attention has been spent on making instructions and educating users. The combination of more licenses, training, documentation and verification through validations means that these improvements have indeed been realized; reporting takes less time, the data gets better and the analyzes as well.

Applications on SAP BPC

The possibilities to work with Office 365 has also been applied in the budget process. A PowerPoint template has been developed that gets the data from SAP BPC. The business units load their budget data in SAP BPC. Through the link between SAP BPC and PowerPoint, charts and tables in PowerPoint are presented in the right way: efficient for the business units and consistency in the reports at the head office in Ede.


The wish is to prepare the corporation tax return directly from the SAP BPC database in the future. This is a project that is currently being worked on. An other project is creating dashboards, which make information available on mobile devices with the possibilities to zoom in on the various activities in the company.

Wim van Soest, Group Controller, De Heus: ‘SAP BPC now meets all expectations you may have of a tool like this. We have better insights and that gives ease. The data is reliable and the time that we gain can be used more strategically.