Giovanni Kuhurima

Junior Consultant

Giovanni is a Junior Consultant started in 2021 at cpmview. He obtained a master’s degree in Accounting & Control.

Before joining cpmview, he has worked with Board as CPM tool. He has contributed in several projects, involved in dashboarding, forecasting and planning/budgeting.

His eagerness to learn has made him being interested in the different tools that are in the CPM market.

Besides having a financial background, IT has also always been interesting for Giovanni. Working with data in the financial field is the perfect combination. Data isn’t always an easy topic for users. As a consultant, helping the customer through their journey is what he likes to do.

Giovanni likes to work with others. Working in a team enables him to become an expertized advisor.

He will not hesitate to share ideas or thoughts that are considered as out-of-the-box. As he wants to grow, working with others will help him to gain knowledge when sharing experience within the teams. Besides being known as a team player, people would also describe him as being reliable.

At cpmview, Giovanni is further strengthen his experience in Corporate Performance Measurement. He is motivated to work as a CPM consultant and to deliver solutions of high quality for our customers.

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Giovanni Kuhurima
Junior Consultant

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