Financial Planning, Consolidation and Analysis for the mid-market

Replace disconnected Excel sheets with a modern and integrated platform. 

Is your organization a fast growing multinational with an equally fast growing complexity in finance such as increasing internal and external reporting requirements? Does your organization still make extensive use of Excel for consolidation and planning purposes and are you experiencing limits to easily accommodate future growth?

Cpmview offers a integrated CPM solutions for Financial Planning, Consolidation, Reporting & Analysis tailored to the specific needs of mid-market organizations. Our solutions with Vena Solutions, Fluence Technologies and Power BI embrace Excel and standard connectivity to have fast time to value and short learning curves.

A modern solution for the mid-market owned by Finance

Mid-market organizations often face the same needs as larger organizations without the same budgets and resources. Finding an appropriate solution to do advanced financial consolidation in a multinational context without losing the flexibility to tailor your business planning and reporting processes has proven to be difficult. The big vendors out there are often too complex and expensive. Smaller point solutions are not future-proof, will not grow with your expanding needs and often lack the required business flexibility.

Cpmview offers an unique proposition in the EMEA region to perform integrated Financial Planning, Financial Consolidation and Reporting & Analysis tailored to the specific needs of mid-market organizations without any compromises. Learn more about our services with Vena Solutions and Fluence Technologies and start the journey to advanced out of the box solutions based on decades of experiences, with high usability scores by the leading CPM analysts in the market, easy integrations, and a certified Microsoft Power BI connector for instant and advanced insights.

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Damien Wiegman
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Eliminate the constraints of Excel and simplify consolidation, planning and reporting

Get the sophistication of an enterprise grade consolidation and FP&A solution against mid-market prices and simplicity.  Benefit from fast time to value, a finance owned solution,  and low complexity and maintenance. Keep on using the tools that you know and love with Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Power BI while gaining a central database, process automation and consolidation capabilities.
Benefit from a platform for growth with a multitude of extensibility options around business planning, the financial close and analytics.

Our solution supports you to make the right and timely decisions, strategic and operational!

Key benefits of our solution

  • Fast time to value with out of the box functionality and solutions 
  • Standard and certified Power BI connector 
  • Report in Excel, Word and Powerpoint – the tools you are used to and love 
  • Low costs and maintenance 
  • Flexibility and growth 
  • Finance owned 
  • SaaS with no complexity and IT involvement 
  • Based on decades of experience 
  • Uniquely positioned in the market between inflexible point solutions and complex and expensive enterprise grade CPM solutions 
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