Country-by-Country Reporting

Direct access to financial results and tax consequences

Country-by-Country reporting and analysis with SAP Analytics Cloud

Fast and immediate insight into tax consequences and results is an important requirement nowadays. Cpmview provides a convenient all-in-one cloud application for Country-by-Country reporting that allows Country-by-Country reporting to be quickly prepared, reported and published.

Benefits of the Country-by-Country Reporting app


Plug & play app

Direct insight

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Jop Meertens
Lead Consultant

All-in-one solution

Direct access to financial results and tax consequences is increasingly important for CFOs, Accounting Managers, Controllers, Tax and Treasury Managers.

Cpmview provides an innovative and easy-to-use all-in-one cloud app that quickly compiles, reports and publishes Country-by-Country reports.

The app not only provides insight into the financial results of your company, but also shows how tax authorities interpret this data. Your results are accessible 24/7 and are visualized in clear dashboards.

Modern solution in the SAP Analytics Cloud platform

Cpmview has extensive experience with the processes surrounding fiscal unity reporting, VPB declarations, VAT declarations and Base Erosion & Profit Shifting (BEPS). cpmview advises clients on a daily basis on how these processes can be overcome in reporting systems. Cpmview knows what organisations need when it comes to Country-by-Country reporting. Based on these needs, cpmview offers an efficient, reliable and innovative solution to the reporting challenges that in many cases are associated with everyday Excel problems. The application is a modern and simple solution integrated on a SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) platform.

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