cpmview clients score top positions in Financial Close Trend Survey 2023

cpmview clients score top positions in Financial Close Trend Survey 2023; TomTom and ASML quickest with annual results, Fagron greatest accelerator

Recently, the BrightStone Group published the Financial Close Trendonderzoek 2023. We are particularly proud that organizations ranked in the top position are three of our clients. “It gives a good impression of the finance excellence that companies strive for,” is how Bright Stone describes the achievements.

Of course, for our consultants, it is also a testament to their relentless efforts, providing our valued clients with exceptional value and optimization. It is a source of inspiration and motivation as we continue to strive for greatness. The achievements described in this report illustrate our tangible impact on the businesses we serve. We are proud of the remarkable results:

TomTom: We enabled TomTom to set a new standard by publishing its fully audited annual results in a mere 34 days, making them the fastest among all listed companies in the Netherlands. Our dedication and expertise played a pivotal role in this outstanding achievement.

ASML: Within 25 days, ASML confidently announced its results to the public through a press release, the fastest among all listed companies in the Netherlands and a testament to the speed and efficiency we deliver to our customers. Our collaborative efforts contributed significantly to this remarkable milestone.

Fagron: Witnessing the most impressive improvement of the year, Fagron accelerated their audited results by a remarkable 22 days compared to the previous year. This accomplishment speaks volumes about our ability to drive positive change and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Tim Vierhout, Principal Solution Architect, cpmview: “These customer successes prove we can help our customers make a meaningful difference. It lets us take a moment to recognize and celebrate these achievements as a team, as they reflect our collective dedication and expertise.

We draw great inspiration from these accomplishments, motivating us to raise the bar even higher. Remember, our impact goes beyond individual achievements; we realize this together with the client. We are a team, a force to be reckoned with. We can achieve extraordinary results by fostering a culture of collaboration, support, and inspiration.

I am proud of these successes and the integral role we have played in them with our clients. Let’s continue to push boundaries, redefine what is possible and continue to impact the lives of our clients.”