Interview – Lisa Lin, Consultant – Help clients really improve their CPM processes

“Help clients really improve their CPM processes”
Expat Lisa Lin works on international Onestream implementations

Lisa Lin started working at cpmview as a CPM consultant in 2019. After obtaining her MSC master’s degree in the UK, she felt ready for a job in which she could use her academic and internship background and get some practical experience.

Not long after she started looking for a job, the HR department of cpmview spotted Lisa online and contacted her for a meeting. “I knew right away that I wanted to join cpmview as their mission ‘bridging finance and IT’ triggered me very much. And I love helping companies and people!”

“As a CPM consultant, I help clients with cpm related topics. In the beginning, I worked with different tools on various implementation projects. But now I am part of a dedicated team for Onestream implementations. Our clients are all kinds of companies. That’s what I enjoy most about my job: getting the chance to see different businesses, different industries, and work with people with different backgrounds at international companies. It makes me happy to help clients really improve their CPM processes. To save them time which they can spend on other things. Not only for the short term but also the long term.”

“I like the versatility of my daily work: gathering requirements, joining workshops, building modules and fixes, setting up the new system, and providing training and support. Sometimes it can be challenging though, for example in case of new requests that we have never done before. But I am not afraid to dive into it, do research, read documentation, consult online Onestream communities, look for similar questions and topics, and test possible solutions and workarounds by myself. And then bring my findings to my team and discuss it together.”

Personal development counsellor

“Cpmview encourages all employees to keep working on their personal development. We can decide for ourselves what we want to learn. Every employee has a counsellor who can help them define training and development goals. At this moment, I want to develop my in-depth technical knowledge of Onestream. This will enable me to help my client make better use of the system’s endless possibilities. On the other hand, I also want to improve my communication skills and learn Dutch.”

Help the company grow

“When I joined cpmview, there were only 20 people. I was the second non-Dutch employee. Now the company is twice the size, and we are recruiting more people with different backgrounds and different experience. I really enjoy being part of this growth and contributing to the company’s success.”

“I feel appreciated here. I can really be myself and speak my mind. No matter what I need, I can talk to anybody. Doors are always open. And we are encouraged to share our ideas, initiatives, and opinions to help the company grow. Moreover, we also get regular updates on the company’s performance. Our management is very transparent about how the company is doing and what they have done with our ideas. Actually, we are informed quite well.”

Annual ski trip and other social activities

“Besides the regular updates, there are also several social activities. Like Christmas drinks and other meetups at the office. And our annual ski trip, for which I am part of the activity committee. It is nice to do such things out of the office together. Even for colleagues who have never skied before, it is the perfect occasion to learn something new that is not part of the job. And to struggle and get better together day by day.”

Exceed client expectations

“What do I like most about my job? That I can really help companies. By giving them something they were looking for. Or – even better – exceed their expectations. The feeling that my work is appreciated and valued by clients. Especially when people from around the world successfully use what I built. That makes me proud!”