ESG Webinar Series- Webinar 6 – ESRS S’s and G’s

Social and Governance Standards

april 18 2023
16:00 - 16:45

This 6th webinar will be hosted and presented by the ESG team of cpmview. Where we will share knowledge on the ESRS’ journey. More specifically, focusing on the social and governmental standards, the S’ and the G’s. This webinar can help you have a better general understanding on the European Sustainability Reporting Standard and how to incorporate them on your ESG reporting journey.  

The webinar is geared towards individuals who hold an interest in sustainability reporting, such as Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) managers, Sustainability Officers, and ESG assurance professionals. Its purpose is to give you a thorough overview of the ESRS and what it means, so that you can gain a better understanding of the prerequisites and most effective approaches for sustainability reporting. 

Our knowledgeable speaker will delve deeply into the substance of the Standards, providing practical tips that you can put into practice within your organization, enabling you to stay ahead of lupcoming regulations. 

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