Advanced Planning & Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud for FP&A

Training details

Advanced Planning & Analytics (two days)

With this two-day training, you will learn everything from A to Z in SAP Analytics Cloud. After completing this training, you will be able to establish and maintain your own complex environment in SAC. You will learn to combine data from several models, make complex calculations and visualize data. Additionally, you will learn powerful possibilities with SAC regarding data discovery and predictive forecasting.

Target audience

This training is meant for people who want to establish and maintain complex SAP Analytics Cloud environments.

Required knowledge

To participate in this training, you first need to follow the ‘Visualizations & Analytics training”. If you have not followed this training yet, we like to help you plan this training or seek for opportunities to combine both trainings. Some experience with Excel and working with data helps you to gain more advantages of the training and use the knowledge gained in practice.


€ 1150,- excl. VAT.

Terms and conditions

This training continues, when a minimum of 4 participants is met. In case the minimum group-size is not met, a proposal for a new date will be made or you will be able to cancel the training without any costs.

For this training, the CPMview training-terms and conditions are applicable.

Dates: upon request 

Location: Online/ Onsite

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  • Advanced Planning & Analytics (two days) - SAP Analytics Cloud Training

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