Storyboarding & Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud for FP&A

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Storyboarding & Analytics

With this one-day training, you will learn to visualize, analyze and report data in SAP Analytics Cloud. The training starts with an overview of all the product-functionalities and the positioning of SAP Analytics Cloud. Directly afterwards, we go to work practically by uploading a dataset and translating, step-by-step, the data to a clear visualizations in your own ‘story’ in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Audience audience

This training is meant for people who want to get to know the basics of SAP Analytics Cloud and want to establish a simple environment in SAC.

Required knowledge

Specific knowledge of SAC is not necessary to participate in this training. Nevertheless, some experience with Excel and working with data helps you to gain more advantages of the training and use the knowledge gained in practice.


€ 595,- excl. VAT.

Terms and conditions

For this training, the cpmview training-terms and conditions are applicable.

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  • Storyboarding & Analytics - SAP Analytics Cloud Training

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