ESG Webinar Series – Webinar 3 – Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

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What exactly is the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive? Perhaps you’ve heard of it before, but you may well be reading about it for the first time! 

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) has taken the business world by storm, changing how organizations approach sustainability reporting and accountability. The directive has far-reaching implications for current and future reporting practices, and organizations must understand the requirements and best practices. 

In this webinar we delve into the most crucial details of the CSRD. What is the scope of the CSRD and what does this imply for you and your company?

  1. Introduction to the CSRD: The purpose, scope, and requirements of the directive 
  2. NFRD VS CSRD: What is the difference, and what will change? 
  3. The Roadmap to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive  
  4. Update: What is the status of the CSRD? 

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Hand Out ESG Webinar 3 Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Speaker Info

Doua Bassiri – Project Manager, CPM Consultant
Doua is a Senior Consultant at cpmview. She has a strong passion for consulting and project management experience that she acquired while working as an engineering consultant in the Water sustainability sector back in Morocco. Ultimately, she wants to help all organizations to incorporate their non-financial metrics into their current business performance analytics because she believes that integrated reporting is the first step toward sustainable corporate management.


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