Business Intelligence

Increase insight using interactive visuals and dashboards

Strenghten your CPM reporting with Business Intelligence

The reporting features of Corporate Performance Management solutions are specifically addressed to create highly static, structured Excel-like reports. Adapting these reports to continuously changing business needs is time-consuming. Empower the business with a modern Business Intelligence platform on top of your current CPM solution to create customized reports using hihgly interactive visuals and dashboards.


Encourage a data-driven culture with Business Intelligence for all

Reduce the cost, complexity, and security risks of having multiple solutions. Use a modern reporting solution that can scale up from the Finance function to the organization as a whole.

What are key business benefits of our CPM Business Intelligence solutions? 

Business Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI

Business Intelligence

SAP Analytics Cloud

Business Intelligence

OneStream Software

Why is cpmview a specialist in CPM BI?

Cpmview is partner of amongst others SAP, Microsoft, OneStream and Vena. We offer CPM BI solutions for organizations of different size, complexities and maturities with a holistic view on the complete set of reporting needs. 

Modernize and simplify CPM BI together with cpmview and gain the insights that will help to make the right decisions.

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