Advanced Analytics

Informed planning and decision making with advanced analytics

Advanced analytics for finance

In today’s data-driven world, analytics is an essential part of staying competitive. Organizations need more from Finance than accurately reporting on financial statements. Demand for analytic-driven decision making across the business has continuously increased. Help businesses better act based on business’ past and present performance with advanced analytics.

Informed planning and decision making

Become a data-driven organization that makes investments and operating decisions with more confidence. Combine internal and external trusted sources to generate insights that weren’t possible or practical before. Apply these insights to generate reliable predictive sales analytics, product profitability analytics, cash flow analytics, and more.

What are key business benefits of our Advanced analytics solutions? 

Advanced Analytics

OneStream Software

Advanced Analytics

Microsoft Power BI

Advanced Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud

Why is cpmview a specialist in Advanced analytics?

Cpmview is partner of SAP, Microsoft and OneStream. We are committed in helping organizations to improve their Financial Planning & Analytics cycles and anticipate on the future with the latest advanced analytics technologies.

Anticipate the future and make smarter, more profitable decisions with cpmview.

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