Learn what’s new in Vena

Every quarter Vena releases a new update. We’re thrilled to showcase the new features and enhancements that Vena has working on. Learn here more about the Summer’21 release.

Summer ’21 Release

In this release, Vena provides you with better platform flexibility, advanced integration capabilities and enhanced business analytics and insight. New features include:

  • Improved search functionality and contextual search results
  • Power BI operators to perform negative roll-ups on demand
  • Guided data model creation with the Vena data model wizard
  • Seamless integration channel duplication

All of these features are available as of September 1, so get ready for greatness!

Data model wizard

Leverage years of experience and industry best practices with the Vena data model wizard. It’s a 2-step process to empower you to quickly build data models that meet your organization’s unique needs.

New Modeler Search Capability

Search much more effectively and make sense of your search results with the New Modeler search. Find results related to a Member Name, Alias, Attribute, or account GL string/code and get additional context by viewing the resulting hierarchy at the click of a button.

Vena Power BI Operator

Vena’s Power BI operator let you now build automatic roll-ups with positive, negative, or ignore operators to ensure your data is rolling up correctly. For an even more convenient integrated, real-time experience!