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The next evolution in consolidation solutions

Fluence Technologies
Fluence Technologies

The next evolution in financial consolidation

Financial consolidation is high on the complexity scale, requiring dozens of different types of calculations. Most small corporations can manually consolidate in Excel or directly in their ERP, but once they grow beyond a certain threshold and start acquiring other corporations, managing multiple legal entities, working in multiple currencies, or looking at going public, financial consolidation changes from a manageable manual task into an enormous data project with financial and strategic risks.

Solution for the mid-sized enterprise

For too long, financial consolidation solutions have been designed to support the world’s largest organizations. These solutions are difficult to use, costly to implement and maintain, and ignore the specific needs of midmarket enterprises.

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Maarten Baatenburg de Jong
Lead Solution Architect

Fluence Technologies, with a focus on fast time to value

Fluence Technologies is in the market with a no-code midmarket financial consolidation solution that is purpose-built to be easily owned and maintained by finance, all while providing the power and functionality of the most robust and proven solutions.

Building forth on two centuries of combined financial consolidation experience from companies like IBM, Outlooksoft, Clarity Systems, SAP, Longview, and Vena Solutions, Fluence offers a Financial Consolidation Cloud powered by the Vena platform with a focus on fast time to value.

Perform Financial Consolidations with Fluence powered by Vena

Deliver financial statements in record time with accuracy and control. Leverage financial tools you’re familiar with, like Excel, to navigate foreign exchange translation, intercompany eliminations, complex legal structures and both GAAP and IFRS reporting requirements – powered by Vena.

Streamline CPM

With Fluence Financial Consolidation Cloud you can streamline FP&A, Financial Close Management and Consolidations in a single platform.

What are the key strengths of the Fluence Financial Consolidation Cloud?

Fluence offers a purpose-built rules based consolidation engine to perform complex foreign exchange calculations, intercompany and equity eliminations, non-controlling interest calculations, Equity Pickup calculations and your unique consolidation logic. Calculations can be performed by YTD or Period activity incorporating the needs for acquisitions, disposals, re-organizations and discontinued operations.

Fluence comes with a pre-built journal template to perform manual adjustments when needed. Data validations and controls govern the data quality and compliance during the different consolidation steps.

Group ownership and currency management is easy and time dependent which enables simulations and what-if analysis.

Fluence builds forth on the consolidation engines that are currently present in SAP BPC (formerly Outlooksoft) and IBM Cognos and is very proven and robust.

The Fluence Financial Consolidation Cloud is tailored to the European consolidation and reporting context incorporating specific country needs like the equity pickup in The Netherlands. With Microsoft Azure tenants in North America and Europe you can control the location of your cloud environment.

Fluence embraces Excel which gives flexibility and familiarity in reporting and analysis and promises quick learning curves for your Management Reporting.

Why is cpmview a Fluence specialist and the first partner in The Netherlands?

Cpmview has implemented Outlooksoft and SAP BPC consolidation projects during the last two decades. We know that consolidation engine by heart and are very excited that we can continue adding value to the market with the Fluence Consolidation Cloud. Enjoy speed, accuracy, transparency and control over your financial reporting and choose for our Fluence consolidation services.

Go live in weeks instead of months with the unique services of cpmview and the Fluence Consolidation solution.

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